Le Mouvement Final, Coming to you live from Anime Matsuri in Houston Texas after the SeraMyu performance where they told us that the new musical would be called Le Mouvement Final, not sure I like the sound of that. Now, are you ready for this, they said there could be a performance in the United States!

Sorry about the shoddy post, it’s from my phone, off to the panel!

Had to add this for you!

So, first post in over a year, wow, time flies! I wanted to let many of you know that not only am I still trading it’s been an incredibly busy year! And why not? Sailor Moon is bigger than ever, SeraMyu is alive and “Kicking”, they will even appear for the first time ever in the U.S. (I WILL be there), but I digress.

It’s been so busy that I haven’t given much thought to the website other than trying to keep my lists current. There are two kinds of emails I am getting these days. Many start with “are you still trading cards”? And the others are contacting me about trades before I even finish updating my extra cards list, how exactly are you doing that? A while back I thought It would be a good idea to add a “subscribe” button to my website, but you guys email me before I can even get it posted! In any case, YUP I’m still trading. And if your not checking my lists regularly you are going to miss out (check the date at the top of the extra cards or extra sets list for the most current updates).


New Sailor Moon Cheramide Cel Cards are in! It’s update time again here at BishoujoSenshiSailorMoon.com and because a picture is worth a thousand words, I have some very shiny pictures to share with you this time. Including Sailor Moon Cheramide Cel Cards, and Sailor Moon Movic Bromides. As well as some other highly desirable special cards like… A Kainbo Kira Kira card. A Morinaga SuperS bumper sticker. A Yamakatsu DX Promide card (front & back views). And Two Marumiya “S” Coaster Cards (Sailor Moon & Sailor Venus). A Sailor Moon SuperS Movie Semi-Jumbo Card. And A Sailor Moon “R” Cassette Card.
But that’s not all, maybe Cel Cards are not your thing, If your looking for more conventional cards I have also added a wide variety of those. Like Carddass W set 1 cards including the some Foils, and Some Carddass Jumbo and regular cards too. And many others, Sailor Moon Pull Pack Cards, Sailor Moon Hero Cards, Sailor Moon Graffiti Cards, Amada Sailormoon World Stickers, Sailor Moon Banpresto cards, to name a few. And I have also added some new complete, and nearly complete, sets like Carddass Seramyu 2002 Mugen Gakuen Preview Pack SEE HERE. And Amada Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Bromides SEE HERE I also just got some Sailor Moon “R” VIZ Promos in. Soooo there’s a lot to see, and now on to the shiny :3



DX Promide & Kira Card are sold
DX Promide & Kira Card are sold

We have all missed Princess Miyuki since she passed but today we celibrate her birth with a great video by Eternalruth. She has a great channel with so many good videos, this one is Seishun no Shoumi Kigen FanKan Version  (the deadline of youth).

Sailor Moon Carddass and Graffiti Prisms, Charamide 2 cards, and PP long seals have just been added to my latest update here at bishoujosenshisailormoon.com. Hello, hope you are all having a wonderful spring! It’s been a while since my last posted update, I’m still here! It’s been difficult getting cards lately. The prices in Japan are getting very high, and most of the updates have been less post worthy than usual. I have been updating all along with smaller updates of course, as many of you have noticed. Don’t forget to check the date at the top of the Extra Cards or Extra Sets pages for unposted updates.

The latest batch of cards that I got in, while small (200-300 cards), were of nice quality. It contained mainly Sailor Moon Carddass Prisms, Sailor Moon Graffiti Prisms, Sailor Moon PP long seals and a good quantity of Sailor Moon Charamide 2 cards that are going fast. I try not to pester you with too many posts, because I don’t want to spam my subscribers. So, do keep in mind, not every update gets posted. I have small updates almost every week. :3

Cyber Moonie Monday is back! December first is upon us, have you finished shopping for all your Sailor Moon fans? If not Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon .com will be rewarding your procrastination with Free domestic shipping (discounted shipping overseas) and a 5% additional discount on all orders over $25. (completed this week only, December first through the seventh at midnight).

I have added a few new Sailor Moon cards here and there since my last update, most notably, The beautiful Sailor Moon Jumbo Banpresto Stars cards, I have one full set, and some singles too and discounts apply to sets as well! All of my subscribers know cards move fast when I update, and it’s first come first serve.

While I usually allow traders to take their time, for this promotion trades must be completed by 12/7/14 at midnight. It allows me wrap up the trades in advance of the Holiday Crush.

Best wishes and a heartfelt thank you, to all my traders around the globe! I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season, and A Very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.

Shin   ;3

The New Sailor Moon Cards are here. It’s update time again here at Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon .com. This is what I will call a medium sized update with about 300 new Sailormoon Cards added. It’s a pretty high quality update with some great specials like Charamide Set 1 cards, including a Mars (Attack) Charamide Cel Card and a very rare Morinaga foil Bumper Sticker “S” set 1 Card #1.

Also in this update are lots of new Hero Set 2 Cards including Prisms And Silver Foil Platina cards. There are new Sailor Moon Bromide DX regs and prisms too, Graffiti Cards, Carddass Cards, Pull Pack cards and Banpresto cards scattered in too. And some new sets of Sailor Moon Cards have been added too. There is a rare Nakayosi Manga Furoku Card set complete with the binder, and more.

Sailor Moon Crystal Cards are here! It’s update time again here at BishoujoSenshiSailorMoon.com. I just picked up a huge lot of 1,600 cards so I have an amazing selection of new cards of all kinds; Sailor Moon Pull Pack cards, Graffiti cards, Carddass cards, Hero cards and Banpresto cards. Since I got so many I also have many new sets available. Of course there are also more rare cards available if that’s what you are looking for, like Sailor Moon Nissui cards, Morinaga cards, Marumiya cards, Charamide cards, Bromide cards and Idol/lami cards.

You will notice the newest cards are highlighted in blue so my most frequent visitors can spot them without having to go through the entire list. There are literally thousands of cards to choose from here. But now… what you have been waiting for…













Yes this is the Official Sailor Moon Crystal, Momoiro Clover Z, Moon Pride promo card. It is the very first Sailor Moon Crystal card issued. It was a “hand out only”  Promo card, available for a limited time at just a few locations in Japan. It’s in mint condition. Don’t miss it! They will be impossible to get in just a few short weeks. Reserve yours now, because it’s first come, first served and the supply is limited.

Reminiscent of the Sailor Moon Graffiti cards and exactly the same size. It’s very exciting to have the first Sailor Moon Crystal cards starting to show up and I’m looking forward to more. You know I will be trying my best to get the new Sailor Moon Crystal cards as soon as possible.

Shin  :3

Sailor Moon Crystal manga animeSailor moon Crystal is here, we have all patiently waited for Naoko’s original vision and now finally, Act 1 has been released. Act 1 of Sailor Moon Crystal introduces Usagi in a similar fashion to the Manga and Act 2 promises to introduce Ami-chan in the same manner.  I’m sure that we will find the same pacing as the Manga through out the remaining Acts.

I am huge Manga fan, but I also love the anime for its charm and the depth of character development (someting that Crystal may not have time for). In any case I will not be reviewing Sailor Moon Crystal, only time will tell if Crystal can live up to the legend. I trust Naoko, and I want to see Sailor Moon the way she intended to present it. I will say I am so happy with what I have just seen, it has reduced me to a literal puddle of nostalgia. No fandom can “pick nits”  like ours, there will be time for that later,  my advise to you is, stop and smell the roses.
You can watch Sailor Moon Crystal on…
HULU,  (recommended for the U.S.) FREE at least for now, you do NOT need a HULU plus account!
or Crunchy roll
or Nico Nico
Everlasting Moonlight!

Shin     :3

The New Sailor Moon Cards are in. This time I have added quite a few Movic Idol cards and the ultra rare Movic Photo Cards, and filled in some holes in the Sailor Moon Graffiti, Carddass & Pull Pack sets. I also have some very special sets, like the Manga Style Memorial Carddass 2-card set, and a full set of Manga Furoku Sailor Moon cards (part I), including the “Sailormoon Forever” Fan Club Card. And one precious Charamide CEL Card. You will also see Sailor Moon  cards of all types added all across my list (look for the cards highlighted in light blue).

I have added new sets of Sailor Moon cards too, Amada 5th Anniversary, PP-2, PP-7, PP-13, PP-15, Carddass 3 & 4,, Graffiti and N. American Sailor Moon cards too. And I have a new feature near the bottom of my  “Extra Sets”  list,  Nearly complete sets  Just as the name says these are sets missing a card or two. This month I have N. American Amada Trading Stickers set-1 (1st printing) White/no Border cards, 87 of 90 regs, all 10 1st print prisms, and a second set of 10 peeled prisms exposing the bottom foils. No Orange border cards in this VHTF set. And I have a Marusho Super-Mini Pull Pack “R” card set, (99 of 100 regs.).

If you need Nissui S Sailor Moon cards, act fast! I had multiples of all of these but they are thinning out fast now. And the Banpresto Jumbos are nearly gone. If you have not subscribed to my updates yet, well… you will be the last to see the new Sailor Moon cards, everyone else got this before you.   >.<;

I have added a lot of great Sailor Moon stuffs to  My Ebay listings  this week, check it out, more than just Sailor Moon cards, I have Shitajiki, Gashapon, note books, letter sets, Figures, jewelry, school goods of all kind and lots more. Feel free to ask about these.   :3