I’ve just spent the last three days sorting and listing over 2,000 Sailor Moon cards. >.< You can find them on the extras page, as promised it has been reconfigured. All the cards highlighted in blue have been acquired by me this year. The cards I received are mainly from the major sets such as… Sailor Moon Hero, Sailor Moon Graffiti, Sailor Moon Pull Pack, Sailor Moon Carddass and Sailor Moon Banpresto but there are also some lesser sets like Sailor Moon Battle Private, Bandai Sailor Moon Girls Festival cards and quite a few individual gems like Sailor Moon Pull Pack Special Prism Set singles. So please have a look!

Hi guys, I thought I would take the opportunity to answer some questions I’ve been getting about the site (while I await my latest shipment).
“why is it so dark?”,
“where are the pretty pictures of the senshi?”
“why is Luna so creepy?”
The answers stem from a concept I started thinking about a few years ago. Sailor Moon, the movie. A real “live action” Hollywood movie. With a real budget, what would it be like to be awakened from your sleep by a talking cat? To be told you are “chosen” to be a 14 year old warrior for justice? How would you react?
This is the atmosphere I hoped to create with the Luna image. I think with out a doubt Tim Burton is the man to direct this movie, the rest I will leave to your imagination. I’m sure as time goes by I will brighten up the site a lil but right now I like it. It is the least colorful Sailor Moon site on the net! Yosh!

News from Japan, another large lot of Sailor Moon Cards are headed my way (really large), It will take a while to list them so those of you who are subscribers or on the  RSS feed will be the first to know.

That means I will soon white out all the blue highlighted cards (most recently acquired) on my extras list.  All the new additions will be highlighted in blue to make browsing for them that much faster. If you haven’t looked at the list in a couple of months you might want to  have a look now before the change.

Thanks go out this month to webmaster Cain At Dreaming Moon for allowing me to link some images on my “Wants list”. He’s extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of our beloved senshi and an authority on Sailor Moon merchandise. Dreaming Moon is beautifully crafted and has become the “go to” English language site for card info and images.  Kudos!