This week I’ve got a smaller update for you but the first two are not often seen. Sailor Moon Sera Myu Mugen Gakuen Complete Reg. sets. To call these cards regular is a disservice. This is a 90 card set with beautiful full color photos on both sides. 180 snapshots of stage action from one of the most popular Myu’s. I have most of the Holos for this set too.

The second is a Sailormoon World CGC Near-complete Reg. set. This set consists of 104 cards (only 1 regular card missing) I have just completed my set of these cards and will not be ordering any more. This Near complete set will make an excellent beginning for your CGC collection. I also have some Foils and a sensational Queen Serenity Promo to offer.

Next, Dart North American, Premiere Edition CCG and Past and Future CCG Reg. sets. A great way to obtain the full reg sets for much less than the purchase price of a booster box. And as some of you might know a Premiere Edition booster box may not even contain a full reg set, and only Three or four foils, leaving you to purchase the rest anyway. I have some Foils and Promos to offer in these sets as well.

You will see all my sets listed with the single cards on the Extras list

Ja mata ne!

New Sailor Moon North American CCG Cards,  Sailormoon  Past & Future and Unlimited Base Sets. I just Received my Past & Future Booster box! That means I have almost all of the cards from P&F as well as the Unlimited Base sets available, most at only $0.10 ea. I know times are tough but for a couple of dollars you can plug those holes in your collection. Oh yeah, I guess I have a very pretty, darn near mint box available and some free (empty) foil packs too. (first come first serve).

This month I want to highlight a favorite site of mine,  CMC Crystal Millennium of Cards. This site is a classic and has been very helpful to me on a regular basis. Here you will find information on almost all Sailor Moon cards but Web Mistress Novadestin exhibits an unapologetic preference for the North American cards she started collecting from vending machines. Her expertise with these cards manifests it’s self in the most comprehensive listing of images and information on North American Sailormoon cards you will find anywhere on the net. There are also tips for collectors and a page dedicated to trading card vocabulary. Along with pages like Sailor Moon sightings and little known facts and don’t miss “Saban Moon”.  Stop in and have a look!