The entire “Extras” list has been reset. Only the cards from the new lot are highlighted in blue. New Sailor Moon  Carddass EX, Pull Pack, Banpresto, Graffiti, Marusho, Morinaga, Nissui, and N. American cards too! Some are already reserved, You guys must check the lists pretty often. You beat the announcement.

Hi, This last lot of cards (700 or so) primarily consisted of Banpresto, Graffiti, Carddass, Hero & Pull Pack cards, so I took the opportunity to make up some full and reg. sets. I have created  a new page listing all the sets I have available.  Here

In addition there are new singles from those sets. I will be removing the blue highlights from all the cards posted earlier this year and highlighting only the new cards from the newest lot (later this week). The lot also consisted of a small number of more rare cards, stand by for the new post!