Well it’s been awhile since I updated, been very busy with… just enjoying the summer really! But that’s winding down I fear. Every year I look forward to the local Japanese Matsuri,  Bon Odori and the Ginza festivals,  but they also mark the end of summer so now, Fall is upon us.

I was about to announce that I have some Charamide Cel cards available! Imagine my disappointment when I opened the package to see that they were fakes! I bought them from a trusted longtime source, I sent that source an email yesterday to inform them and ask for a refund (no word back yet). So your probably wonder’n, how can you spot a fake Cel card? Well it turns out it’s not too hard in this case, you see they were simply copied with an ink-jet printer on a transparency like you would use for an overhead projector. The plastic is smoky and has a definite grain to it. As webmaster Cain ( Dreaming Moon ) pointed out they also have square corners, all true Charamide Cels have radius corners. Here’s the kicker though the ink was not color fast on plastic! They arrived all stuck together, the ink had transferred front to back like glue. So Beware they are out there and darn hard to spot in an auction photo. I will keep you updated on the refund and whether or not my trust in this vendor is warranted.