The new Sailor Moon cards are here! there are new Japanese cards and North  American cards too. We start with Sailor Moon Pull Pack, Grafitti and Carddass cards but there are also some Pull Pack Long Seals and a few other more rare cards

The new North American Sailor Moon cards include Dart Awesome & Prismatic singles and full sets and Bandai America, Cardzillion sets 1, 2 & 3 singles and yes, full sets of all three.

A Brand new Sailormoon 1,000 card lot is on the way, should arrive by 12/1/10!

In other news , of a totally unrelated nature and of interest to very few. I have taken the plunge. No, not that plunge. The Linux plunge. My old computer was just too bogged down. It was only a Pentium 4 with Windows XP & 512 ram, vintage 2001. It could barely keep from locking up every time I opened a few auctions. So, last weekend I bought a copy of the magazine Linux Format (about $20.00 stateside), it came with a Ubuntu Netbook Edition boot disk (said to be great for older PC’s with limited ram).
I reformatted my computer.
The process was very easy, about 20 min. After the reformat, it prompted me to update, It updated everything (including printer drivers) in about 2 hrs. with no input from me, That’s it. It now runs lightning fast, like new. It comes with, by the way, all the goodies; media players, Firefox, Open Office (Windows Office clone) and an assortment of the usual free games and apps. I am now an anti-windows elitist snob. lol. But really, I haven’t been so pleased with new tech since I got Dish Network and kicked the cable man to the curb!

Oh, by the way the old build name was “Core” (Evangelion).

The reformat is named  “Galaxy Cauldron”  XD

Sorry, for the off topic rant!

Don’t forget to check back in for the new cards.