The RAREST of all Sailor Moon cards! Amada Sailormoon 5th Anniversary 22 kt. GOLD Card. It comes with the complete set,  all the regs, prisms and inserts. Sailor Moon collectors know that recently prices on exclusive Sailormoon items has sky rocketed. Check the current price of a copy of The Infinity Collection, or the Pink Star Locket, neither of these items are serialized. This card is a limited edition item (#672 of 1,995 cards planed), it maybe more rare than either one of those. The 22kt Gold Card was only available to those who returned a winning insert card to Amada, and each card is individually serial numbered,  There are very few Naoko Takeuchi officially recognized serialized collectibles. This is a truly rare opportunity. In fact the Amada Sailormoon 5th Anniversary 22 kt. Gold Card is The most rare and valuable Sailor Moon Card of all, Video can be found on You Tube.

Also included in this update, Amada Sailor Moon “S” DVD Holographic Cards. These were only available as an Omake, one for each DVD in a special run of the “S” series, and not available anywhere else. They are true 3-D cards with a breath taking depth. This is not a simple 2-D double image like the Dart Flipz card set, you wont understand until you hold one in your hand. Video can be found on You Tube.

In addition, there are Seika, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Big Bromide Gum Cards. There are 25 cards in this set that you may have never seen before, they are that rare, very pretty cards. I also have some new VHTF “S-2” Banpresto Prism cards along with over 1,000 more Sailor Moon cards included in this lot! I know many of you are just looking for individual cards to fulfill your “want list”.  All the cards on the Extras list have been rotated, only the newest cards are highlighted in blue. I will continue to bring you cards that run the gamut from common to ultra rare.  Please check back often.