Hi all, just a mini update. I’ve been going to Anime Conventions for, well a loong time. In all that time I’ve never seen a Naoko Takuchi fan panel held in a ball room. I know they did have a pretty big room at Animazement when all the voice actors where there but usually you have to get there early to get a seat because the room is always to small for everyone. Anyway this year at Youmacon that’s exactly what’s happening, this is a large room (400+ seats), it’s being followed by a Sailor Moon fan panel so two hours total. Now Detroit seems an unlikely place for any significant announcement, annd none of the voice actors or production staff etc. are scheduled as guests, so I suppose it must just be great management skills on the part of Youmacon staff in anticipation of a large turnout of Sailor Fans. But well, like I said, Hmm… I’ll let you know.  :3

New Sailor Moon cards 10/14/11,  New Banpresto Set 1 cards, New Charamide 1 & 2  CEL Cards. I also have Amada Sailor Moon World CGC regular card #16 if you know this set you know whats special about this card. You can see the video on YouTube But that’s not all, there’s much more, some more new sets as well. As usual all the new adds are highlighted in blue.

It’s update time again and all the lists have been reset and checked for accuracy, one card at a time. That is getting to be quite a chore, in doing so I became aware of some kind of amazing stats. I have here available for you today, 342 out of 405 Carddass Cards, 274 out of 300 Graffiti Cards, 160 out of 204 Banpresto Cards, and 569 out of 761 Pull Pack Cards. You get the idea, I’ve probably got what you need.

No real updates on the 20th Anniversary front, Funimation said they would have a “HUGE” announcement at New York Anime Fest today at their panel at 2:45 PM, so everybody thought… Sailor Moon? No, not Sailor Moon. There is some good news on the manga front, Kodansha, announced today that the English version of Sailor Moon manga volume 1 will get a second print run after the first print run of 50,000 copies sold out in only four weeks! Other than that, If you check all the links I gave you in August you will see more new merchandise listed by the wholesale manufacturer Great Eastern and Hot Topic (A mens shirt coming soon) but no new players on the scene. As far as the anime goes, the only question is when. Funimation sponsored a Manga release party with Kodansha last month, to me that totally let the cat out of the bag. Still, if you ask the people at Fumi they will still say “we don’t have it yet”, followed by a lot talk about “unresolved issues”  (a new dub, or not),  Lots of debate about when, best guess now seems to indicate a spring of 2012 date.  :3