Sorry for the delay I know some of you have been asking for this since I got back from Japan.

The Talisman Cafe is in a small residential/industrial neighborhood in Osaka, just over the river from our hotel in Nishinakajima so we walked over the Shin-Mido-Suji bridge to get there. We do a lot of walking in Japan, you miss so many of the small delights if you don’t get out and walk the neighborhoods. As we approached there were bikes parked by the door (immediately images of Rei and Mina sliding to a stop on their bikes flash through my mind). Across the street is a park with a small baseball diamond and some playground equipment. Across corner from that, a round underpass that looks like it came right out of the manga.

When we walked in the staff, two young ladies, seemed surprised to see foreigners, they were very friendly they showed us to our table and gave us some menus, the menu says “please do not take pictures” πŸ™ so I have respected their wishes. They asked how long we have been in Japan and and where we lived. They offered me a business card and a point card and I returned mine in true Japanese fashion and that was a hoot for me because I had never had the opportunity for that traditional card exchange and bow before. πŸ™‚

All around the room you notice Sailor Moon touches but its nicely done, it doesn’t jump out at you. Down low under the bar at knee level is a shelf with a few sailor moon toys and figures on it, I assume they are there for kids to play with because how could they be ignored, right in their faces like that. By the door there is a magazine rack with Sailor Moon books available to look at. Around the room are a few framed pieces of art and each table has a small Sailor Moon themed centerpiece. When we arrived there were two other customers, the two young women sat chatting and looking through the Tokyo Vivo magazine with the sailor moon art, they were hoarding a stack of art books on their table but that’s fine I guess, I’ve got them at home. It was a bit hard to see them all dogeared though. Sailor Moon music was playing and they seemed to be specialising in covers while we were there because I never heard so many Sailor Moon songs by other artists in a row.

I ordered a Lunatic blend and Chocobanana pancake, everyone ordered some thing different so we could see the various Sailor Moon themes, my late had Luna carved in the foam, They have a couple of small lunch items but mostly sodas, coffee, deserts and cake just the way Usagi would want it. The prices were quite reasonable, and all profesionally hand crafted to the last detail, Oyshi! As I was leaving I did take some pictures outside including the menu plaque.

There are so many wonderful things to do in Japan its hard to pick your favorites, and after all its just a visit to a local cafe right, but I know I had a big smile on my face as we left and walked towards Umeda and if you are lucky enough to find yourself in Osaka you will be glad you visited the Talisman Cafe

In memory of Miyuki today I post this vid by littlenoelyan. Miyuki singing Rainbow Notes from Pitchi Pitchi Pitch.

Everlasting Moonlight!

Osabu-P has just confirmed that the popular musical series based on the hit manga (known as “Sera Myu”) will return with its sixteenth installation this September! Cast, staff, and further details will be released tomorrow on the official Sailor Moon website when tickets will also go on pre-sale.
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Proposed cast…

Satomi Ookubo – Sailor Moon ( ε€§δΉ…δΏθ‘ηΎŽ)
Miyabi Matsuura – Sailor Mercury (松桦雅)
Kanon Nanaki – Sailor Mars (δΈƒζœ¨ε₯ιŸ³)
Yuu Takahashi – Sailor Jupiter (ι«˜ζ©‹γƒ¦γ‚¦ )
Shiori Sakata – Sailor Venus (ε‚η”°γ—γŠγ‚Š)
Yuuga Yamato – Tuxedo Mask (ε€§ε’Œζ‚ ζ²³)

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