A new batch of Sailor Moon cards have arrived including the rare Sailor Moon SuperS set two Jumbo Banpresto cards. These are sometimes referred to as “White Frame” Jumbo Banprestos and they are beautiful! And I have most of the Sailor Moon “R” series 1 & 2 Jumbo Banprestos. Also included in this update are a smaller collection of Sailormoon Pull Pack cards as well as Grafitti, Carddass, Amada Sailor Moon PGSM Bromides and some Sailor Moon Marusho Heart Ribbon cards.

I still have a good selection of Sailor Moon Nissui “S” cards left from the last huge lot, but the foil cards are getting grabbed up. I also have a bunch of bargain store junk up on eBay this month, but… I have a couple of real jems ending VERY soon so have a look.