Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon .com announces the return of Cyber Moonie Monday (slightly delayed edition). The host transfer for Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon .com is not final, so we could be interrupted at any time by the dreaded 404 error (If we are interrupted remember you can find all my card lists at my back up site HERE).

Cyber Moonie Monday begins December 16th and runs through December 22nd. If you start a trade this week you will receive free shipping on orders over $25. and an additional 5% discount in addition to any discount you may have previously earned.

I just got another a new batch of Jumbo Banpresto cards, the last bunch went fast! You will also find a small selection of new cards added in all over the list. Now for the bad news. you may have noticed it’s been a while since my last HUGE update. Well, it’s not for lack of trying. The price of Japanese cards continues to escalate due to the resurgence of popularity of Sailor Moon. Some of my old reliable sources have dried up altogether and the lots are getting ridiculously expensive (more per card than I sell them for). I am sounding the alarm for those of you who are paying attention, and I know you are because I am selling cards faster now than at any time since I started doing this, my reserves have been halved! If this keeps up I may have to remove the subtitle from my site (The largest selection of Sailor Moon Trading Cards for sale or trade available anywhere).

I started out just trading like everyone else, and I still do, if you have cards to trade don’t be shy. I am determined to continue bringing you a wide variety of Sailor Moon cards at the reasonable prices you have come to expect as long as I can. If you have been watching you have no doubt noticed that the price of the classic art books, lip rods, brooches, figures and wands has been rising as the new items are announced. If they announce a new set of cards for Sailor Moon (and they almost definitely will) it will draw attention to the old cards, and the market will change. o.0

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon .com is getting a new host. The switch will take place this week 12/10 -12/15. These things rarely happen without a hitch so if you have a hard time finding me rest assured I’m not going anywhere… Well actually I am going somewhere, to a new host but I’m not going away!  Stay tuned, soon I will announce… –The Return Of Cyber Moonie Monday(slightly delayed edition).