The new Sailor Moon cards are here, for sale or trade. It’s update time again and it’s a pretty big one this time. I have new Amada Sailor Moon Hero and Pull Pack cards. New Sailor Moon Banpresto cards. New Bandai Sailor Moon Carddass and Grafitti cards. New Marusho Super Mini Pull Pack and Heart DE / Heart Ribbon cards. New Morinaga Sailor Moon stickers. New Tanzaku / Yamakatsu stickers. New Nissui Sailor Moon stickers. I have new sets listed too, like the Seika Note, Movic, 5 Inners “Scented cards”. New Nakayosi Sailor Moon Manga cards with the album, and many more. I also have a few New Sailor Moon North American cards. Reserve them while you can, I know you have all been spending money on the new 2014 Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary items, they are all so cute. But save some love for the older items too. Fill in the holes in your collection while you can.

I have been keeping My eyes out for news of the brand new 2014 Sailor Moon 20th anniversary cards, nothing yet  🙁 , I think we may have to wait for the release of the new 2014 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Anime for that. The official website for the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project announced it will air in July 2014 worldwide! “The entire world will start broadcasting on Nico Nico Douga”. Kodansha USA’s general manager Dallas Middaugh said at the New York Comic Con that the new Sailor Moon anime will stream on Niconico, and added that it will be subtitled in 10 languages! Get ready! What do you want to see most in the new 2014 Sailor Moon merchandise? I am hoping for more Manga themed cards, onegai!