The New Sailor Moon Cards are here. It’s update time again here at Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon .com. This is what I will call a medium sized update with about 300 new Sailormoon Cards added. It’s a pretty high quality update with some great specials like Charamide Set 1 cards, including a Mars (Attack) Charamide Cel Card and a very rare Morinaga foil Bumper Sticker “S” set 1 Card #1.

Also in this update are lots of new Hero Set 2 Cards including Prisms And Silver Foil Platina cards. There are new Sailor Moon Bromide DX regs and prisms too, Graffiti Cards, Carddass Cards, Pull Pack cards and Banpresto cards scattered in too. And some new sets of Sailor Moon Cards have been added too. There is a rare Nakayosi Manga Furoku Card set complete with the binder, and more.