Sailor Moon Carddass and Graffiti Prisms, Charamide 2 cards, and PP long seals have just been added to my latest update here at Hello, hope you are all having a wonderful spring! It’s been a while since my last posted update, I’m still here! It’s been difficult getting cards lately. The prices in Japan are getting very high, and most of the updates have been less post worthy than usual. I have been updating all along with smaller updates of course, as many of you have noticed. Don’t forget to check the date at the top of the Extra Cards or Extra Sets pages for unposted updates.

The latest batch of cards that I got in, while small (200-300 cards), were of nice quality. It contained mainly Sailor Moon Carddass Prisms, Sailor Moon Graffiti Prisms, Sailor Moon PP long seals and a good quantity of Sailor Moon Charamide 2 cards that are going fast. I try not to pester you with too many posts, because I don’t want to spam my subscribers. So, do keep in mind, not every update gets posted. I have small updates almost every week. :3