So, first post in over a year, wow, time flies! I wanted to let many of you know that not only am I still trading it’s been an incredibly busy year! And why not? Sailor Moon is bigger than ever, SeraMyu is alive and “Kicking”, they will even appear for the first time ever in the U.S. (I WILL be there), but I digress.

It’s been so busy that I haven’t given much thought to the website other than trying to keep my lists current. There are two kinds of emails I am getting these days. Many start with “are you still trading cards”? And the others are contacting me about trades before I even finish updating my extra cards list, how exactly are you doing that? A while back I thought It would be a good idea to add a “subscribe” button to my website, but you guys email me before I can even get it posted! In any case, YUP I’m still trading. And if your not checking my lists regularly you are going to miss out (check the date at the top of the extra cards or extra sets list for the most current updates).