So, Moonies you have not. been careful what you wished for!  By October you will have news of new N. American Cards, Toys, Manga, Anime and more, just in time for Christmas.

NEW  at Hot Topic,  T- shirts available for purchase NOW in N. America!  LINK

New collectible merchandise available soon (September). promoted by a wholesale manufacturer.  LINK

A quote from a private discussion with an executive of… (a company we all know, who was at Acen). “As always it’s only about the money, It will happen by Christmas”.

Also foreign licensing sources are quoted as saying that Topps secured the rights for N. American cards.  LINK  Moon Chase

So as I have posted here and there, I am happy that a new generation will get to see, read, wear and love Sailor Moon and I can’t wait for the inevitable flood of newbie questions we’ll all be fielding soon. And then in the second wave, as we build into a new generation of fans, will come. The Drama. Oh the lols we will have. Be kind to your Kohai.

Oh BTW no “official” announcement at the  Otakon Fumi or Kodansha panels either, Kay guys, You open the panel with a phrase from Sailor Moon and then say nothing? really?

One last thing, an unsubstantiated rumor about a new live action series debuting this month in japan, not even gona link that one, no one believes it. I will keep my eye on it though, you know?   :3

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  1. i wish more new sailormoon stuffs like dolls etc r update things etc im sailormoon fan myself too ;0) sweet and cool ;0)

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