It’s been almost six years now and it still saddens me. But I have decided to celebrate Miyuki’s 30th birthday this year instead of morning her passing with a video by usako05 full of backstage antics, and mugging with friends.

2 thoughts on “Happy 30th Birthday Miyuki-chan (神戸美有紀 7/5/84)

  1. It’s hard to believe sailor moon has been around for 20yrs I named my little girl after sailor moon she could easily pass herself of as sm north american version and same personality *I gave her sm north american name:serenity* I’m still a nerd girl at heart and I still collect sm cards and other forms of sm merchindise my kids know all about mommys sm merchandise and cards. When my oldest son was 3yrs old he asked me ‘mommy when are you going to die so I can have your cards and your (porcelain) dolls’ I looked at him and I said to him ‘you know if mommy ever gives you a brother or a sister you’re going to be one disappointed little boy’ and I gave him his brother a year later and a sister 15mths later. This is my legacy to my kids because even a girl can be a cool superhero be idolized and can give you words of wisdom to think and do what’s right

  2. ​It is hard to believe, it’s nostalgic isn’t it. I feel younger when ever I think of Sailor Moon. This show keeps my hopes and dreams close​, and keeps me from getting older
    (that’s my story and I’m sticking with it).

    Best of times to you and your family

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