This will be the re-launch of my Sailor Moon cards and collectibles site. First conceived on May 24th 2008 and now over one year old. Here I will have the same features found at the old site, which still exists at…

I also will have more room for scans and a shop! so check back in September.

Wow!  got flamed for beating someone to the domain name. Sorry, not really. I wont post it (language) but she was pretty upset. I did want to answer her.  First,  not much here because I haven’t launched yet hence “future home of” (the name at the top of the page at that time), I’m still learning to use the utility. Second, I’m a guy (Shin) so that will have a baring on your more descriptive terms. And finally I hope that most of what you said was tongue in cheek because really, wishing I would repeatedly stub the same toe until it became inoperable is just… lol.

So, I bought….

And put up a redirect here (for now).


Contact…   Shin

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