Hi all, just a mini update. I’ve been going to Anime Conventions for, well a loong time. In all that time I’ve never seen a Naoko Takuchi fan panel held in a ball room. I know they did have a pretty big room at Animazement when all the voice actors where there but usually you have to get there early to get a seat because the room is always to small for everyone. Anyway this year at Youmacon that’s exactly what’s happening, this is a large room (400+ seats), it’s being followed by a Sailor Moon fan panel so two hours total. Now Detroit seems an unlikely place for any significant announcement, annd none of the voice actors or production staff etc. are scheduled as guests, so I suppose it must just be great management skills on the part of Youmacon staff in anticipation of a large turnout of Sailor Fans. But well, like I said, Hmm… I’ll let you know.  :3

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