So this is our last night in Tokyo our hotel is in the Hamamatsucho Area it’s the train station closest to Azabu Juban. It’s a sad thing to be leaving Tokyo, when you spend a couple of weeks here you develop a feel for it, and get pretty good at going where you want to go and finding the right restaurants /clubs etc. basicly figuring out how to live in Tokyo. And then it’s time to go home, I wouldn’t mind if this was my home mind you, It’s a wonderful country and full of friendly, polite people. There are so many things happening in the city, the museums, temples, shrines, street life, the various reigional hapenings for the lollies, fruits, rockers. Spontaneous music shows, rainging from bagpipes in Yoyogi Park, to random girl bands playing just outside the train station. not to mention the jazz singer on the lower observitory at Tokyo Tower tonight. Its just an incredible place, like no other in the world. For those of you who have been patiently waiting for me to return so I could complete our trades. I promise you I will take care of that promptly because ACen is in two weeks but that’s another post,and speaking of other posts I will have one coming up on my visit to the Sailor Moon cafe, Ja….Ne!.

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