A Brand new Sailormoon 1,000 card lot is on the way, should arrive by 12/1/10!

In other news , of a totally unrelated nature and of interest to very few. I have taken the plunge. No, not that plunge. The Linux plunge. My old computer was just too bogged down. It was only a Pentium 4 with Windows XP & 512 ram, vintage 2001. It could barely keep from locking up every time I opened a few auctions. So, last weekend I bought a copy of the magazine Linux Format (about $20.00 stateside), it came with a Ubuntu Netbook Edition boot disk (said to be great for older PC’s with limited ram).
I reformatted my computer.
The process was very easy, about 20 min. After the reformat, it prompted me to update, It updated everything (including printer drivers) in about 2 hrs. with no input from me, That’s it. It now runs lightning fast, like new. It comes with, by the way, all the goodies; media players, Firefox, Open Office (Windows Office clone) and an assortment of the usual free games and apps. I am now an anti-windows elitist snob. lol. But really, I haven’t been so pleased with new tech since I got Dish Network and kicked the cable man to the curb!

Oh, by the way the old build name was “Core” (Evangelion).

The reformat is named¬† “Galaxy Cauldron”¬† XD

Sorry, for the off topic rant!

Don’t forget to check back in for the new cards.


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