Just a quick update to the “Extra Sets” section. There are New Sailor Moon Banpresto and Bandai card sets added.  Please stop in and have a look

2 thoughts on “New Sailor Moon Banpresto and Bandai card sets added

  1. Just tried in Chrome and IE, couldn’t open your updated Google docs lists. Never had a problem before.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I just checked on an independent computer in Firefox, Chrome and IE it’s all working. but I noticed that I have “extra sets” set to open in the same tab while all the others open in a new tab. This could mean it’s got something to do with the way your windows preferences are set up or perhaps your pop up blocker. Can you open any of them? Is it just the “Extra Sets” window that will not open? I will change the extra sets list to open in a new tab like the rest.

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