The New Sailor Moon Cards are in. This time I have added quite a few Movic Idol cards and the ultra rare Movic Photo Cards, and filled in some holes in the Sailor Moon Graffiti, Carddass & Pull Pack sets. I also have some very special sets, like the Manga Style Memorial Carddass 2-card set, and a full set of Manga Furoku Sailor Moon cards (part I), including the “Sailormoon Forever” Fan Club Card. And one precious Charamide CEL Card. You will also see Sailor Moon  cards of all types added all across my list (look for the cards highlighted in light blue).

I have added new sets of Sailor Moon cards too, Amada 5th Anniversary, PP-2, PP-7, PP-13, PP-15, Carddass 3 & 4,, Graffiti and N. American Sailor Moon cards too. And I have a new feature near the bottom of my  “Extra Sets”  list,  Nearly complete sets  Just as the name says these are sets missing a card or two. This month I have N. American Amada Trading Stickers set-1 (1st printing) White/no Border cards, 87 of 90 regs, all 10 1st print prisms, and a second set of 10 peeled prisms exposing the bottom foils. No Orange border cards in this VHTF set. And I have a Marusho Super-Mini Pull Pack “R” card set, (99 of 100 regs.).

If you need Nissui S Sailor Moon cards, act fast! I had multiples of all of these but they are thinning out fast now. And the Banpresto Jumbos are nearly gone. If you have not subscribed to my updates yet, well… you will be the last to see the new Sailor Moon cards, everyone else got this before you.   >.<;

I have added a lot of great Sailor Moon stuffs to  My Ebay listings  this week, check it out, more than just Sailor Moon cards, I have Shitajiki, Gashapon, note books, letter sets, Figures, jewelry, school goods of all kind and lots more. Feel free to ask about these.   :3

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