News from Japan, another large lot of Sailor Moon Cards are headed my way (really large), It will take a while to list them so those of you who are subscribers or on the  RSS feed will be the first to know.

That means I will soon white out all the blue highlighted cards (most recently acquired) on my extras list.  All the new additions will be highlighted in blue to make browsing for them that much faster. If you haven’t looked at the list in a couple of months you might want to  have a look now before the change.

Thanks go out this month to webmaster Cain At Dreaming Moon for allowing me to link some images on my “Wants list”. He’s extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of our beloved senshi and an authority on Sailor Moon merchandise. Dreaming Moon is beautifully crafted and has become the “go to” English language site for card info and images.  Kudos!

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