The new Sailor Moon cards are here, for sale or trade. It’s update time again and it’s a pretty big one this time. I have new Amada Sailor Moon Hero and Pull Pack cards. New Sailor Moon Banpresto cards. New Bandai Sailor Moon Carddass and Grafitti cards. New Marusho Super Mini Pull Pack and Heart DE / Heart Ribbon cards. New Morinaga Sailor Moon stickers. New Tanzaku / Yamakatsu stickers. New Nissui Sailor Moon stickers. I have new sets listed too, like the Seika Note, Movic, 5 Inners “Scented cards”. New Nakayosi Sailor Moon Manga cards with the album, and many more. I also have a few New Sailor Moon North American cards. Reserve them while you can, I know you have all been spending money on the new 2014 Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary items, they are all so cute. But save some love for the older items too. Fill in the holes in your collection while you can.

I have been keeping My eyes out for news of the brand new 2014 Sailor Moon 20th anniversary cards, nothing yet  🙁 , I think we may have to wait for the release of the new 2014 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Anime for that. The official website for the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project announced it will air in July 2014 worldwide! “The entire world will start broadcasting on Nico Nico Douga”. Kodansha USA’s general manager Dallas Middaugh said at the New York Comic Con that the new Sailor Moon anime will stream on Niconico, and added that it will be subtitled in 10 languages! Get ready! What do you want to see most in the new 2014 Sailor Moon merchandise? I am hoping for more Manga themed cards, onegai!

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon .com announces the return of Cyber Moonie Monday (slightly delayed edition). The host transfer for Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon .com is not final, so we could be interrupted at any time by the dreaded 404 error (If we are interrupted remember you can find all my card lists at my back up site HERE).

Cyber Moonie Monday begins December 16th and runs through December 22nd. If you start a trade this week you will receive free shipping on orders over $25. and an additional 5% discount in addition to any discount you may have previously earned.

I just got another a new batch of Jumbo Banpresto cards, the last bunch went fast! You will also find a small selection of new cards added in all over the list. Now for the bad news. you may have noticed it’s been a while since my last HUGE update. Well, it’s not for lack of trying. The price of Japanese cards continues to escalate due to the resurgence of popularity of Sailor Moon. Some of my old reliable sources have dried up altogether and the lots are getting ridiculously expensive (more per card than I sell them for). I am sounding the alarm for those of you who are paying attention, and I know you are because I am selling cards faster now than at any time since I started doing this, my reserves have been halved! If this keeps up I may have to remove the subtitle from my site (The largest selection of Sailor Moon Trading Cards for sale or trade available anywhere).

I started out just trading like everyone else, and I still do, if you have cards to trade don’t be shy. I am determined to continue bringing you a wide variety of Sailor Moon cards at the reasonable prices you have come to expect as long as I can. If you have been watching you have no doubt noticed that the price of the classic art books, lip rods, brooches, figures and wands has been rising as the new items are announced. If they announce a new set of cards for Sailor Moon (and they almost definitely will) it will draw attention to the old cards, and the market will change. o.0

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon .com is getting a new host. The switch will take place this week 12/10 -12/15. These things rarely happen without a hitch so if you have a hard time finding me rest assured I’m not going anywhere… Well actually I am going somewhere, to a new host but I’m not going away!  Stay tuned, soon I will announce… –The Return Of Cyber Moonie Monday(slightly delayed edition).

A new batch of Sailor Moon cards have arrived including the rare Sailor Moon SuperS set two Jumbo Banpresto cards. These are sometimes referred to as “White Frame” Jumbo Banprestos and they are beautiful! And I have most of the Sailor Moon “R” series 1 & 2 Jumbo Banprestos. Also included in this update are a smaller collection of Sailormoon Pull Pack cards as well as Grafitti, Carddass, Amada Sailor Moon PGSM Bromides and some Sailor Moon Marusho Heart Ribbon cards.

I still have a good selection of Sailor Moon Nissui “S” cards left from the last huge lot, but the foil cards are getting grabbed up. I also have a bunch of bargain store junk up on eBay this month, but… I have a couple of real jems ending VERY soon so have a look.

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You will find my small collection of Sailor Moon card YouTube Videos HERE. Please be kind, I am just starting out and have no editing skills short of adding a soundtrack so these are all one takes. I hope to improve and enlarge this part of the site so check back every month or so to see how I’m doing. Likes and subscriptions would be nice too. :)

The New Sailor Moon Cards are here, Nissui, Tanzaku, Movic and quite a few others. In this newest update I have added nearly all of the Sailor Moon “S” Nissui cards from both set 1 and set 2. These cards are all in great condition and include many hard to find foils from the “S” season. I have one set of five Floral Scented cards from Movic/Seika Note. And you will also see new cards of all types added across the entire list.
I have added many items to My Ebay listings this week (ending 7/21/13). Many “smalls” start at $0.99

More BIG MYU NEWS! The New 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon / Sera Myu will be called “La Reconquista” (The Reconquest?) This according to Osabu8 on Twitter tonight! There is a brand new 20th Anniversary Official Sera Myu Site! There are some great pics! AND THATS NOT ALL! Everyones favorie translation site Miss Dream has a translated text from a press release via Comic Natalie With many details of the plot,

Sorry for the delay I know some of you have been asking for this since I got back from Japan.

The Talisman Cafe is in a small residential/industrial neighborhood in Osaka, just over the river from our hotel in Nishinakajima so we walked over the Shin-Mido-Suji bridge to get there. We do a lot of walking in Japan, you miss so many of the small delights if you don’t get out and walk the neighborhoods. As we approached there were bikes parked by the door (immediately images of Rei and Mina sliding to a stop on their bikes flash through my mind). Across the street is a park with a small baseball diamond and some playground equipment. Across corner from that, a round underpass that looks like it came right out of the manga.

When we walked in the staff, two young ladies, seemed surprised to see foreigners, they were very friendly they showed us to our table and gave us some menus, the menu says “please do not take pictures” 🙁 so I have respected their wishes. They asked how long we have been in Japan and and where we lived. They offered me a business card and a point card and I returned mine in true Japanese fashion and that was a hoot for me because I had never had the opportunity for that traditional card exchange and bow before. 🙂

All around the room you notice Sailor Moon touches but its nicely done, it doesn’t jump out at you. Down low under the bar at knee level is a shelf with a few sailor moon toys and figures on it, I assume they are there for kids to play with because how could they be ignored, right in their faces like that. By the door there is a magazine rack with Sailor Moon books available to look at. Around the room are a few framed pieces of art and each table has a small Sailor Moon themed centerpiece. When we arrived there were two other customers, the two young women sat chatting and looking through the Tokyo Vivo magazine with the sailor moon art, they were hoarding a stack of art books on their table but that’s fine I guess, I’ve got them at home. It was a bit hard to see them all dogeared though. Sailor Moon music was playing and they seemed to be specialising in covers while we were there because I never heard so many Sailor Moon songs by other artists in a row.

I ordered a Lunatic blend and Chocobanana pancake, everyone ordered some thing different so we could see the various Sailor Moon themes, my late had Luna carved in the foam, They have a couple of small lunch items but mostly sodas, coffee, deserts and cake just the way Usagi would want it. The prices were quite reasonable, and all profesionally hand crafted to the last detail, Oyshi! As I was leaving I did take some pictures outside including the menu plaque.

There are so many wonderful things to do in Japan its hard to pick your favorites, and after all its just a visit to a local cafe right, but I know I had a big smile on my face as we left and walked towards Umeda and if you are lucky enough to find yourself in Osaka you will be glad you visited the Talisman Cafe