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Hi all, just a mini update. I’ve been going to Anime Conventions for, well a loong time. In all that time I’ve never seen a Naoko Takuchi fan panel held in a ball room. I know they did have a pretty big room at Animazement when all the voice actors where there but usually you have to get there early to get a seat because the room is always to small for everyone. Anyway this year at Youmacon that’s exactly what’s happening, this is a large room (400+ seats), it’s being followed by a Sailor Moon fan panel so two hours total. Now Detroit seems an unlikely place for any significant announcement, annd none of the voice actors or production staff etc. are scheduled as guests, so I suppose it must just be great management skills on the part of Youmacon staff in anticipation of a large turnout of Sailor Fans. But well, like I said, Hmm… I’ll let you know.  :3

New Sailor Moon cards 10/14/11,  New Banpresto Set 1 cards, New Charamide 1 & 2  CEL Cards. I also have Amada Sailor Moon World CGC regular card #16 if you know this set you know whats special about this card. You can see the video on YouTube But that’s not all, there’s much more, some more new sets as well. As usual all the new adds are highlighted in blue.

It’s update time again and all the lists have been reset and checked for accuracy, one card at a time. That is getting to be quite a chore, in doing so I became aware of some kind of amazing stats. I have here available for you today, 342 out of 405 Carddass Cards, 274 out of 300 Graffiti Cards, 160 out of 204 Banpresto Cards, and 569 out of 761 Pull Pack Cards. You get the idea, I’ve probably got what you need.

No real updates on the 20th Anniversary front, Funimation said they would have a “HUGE” announcement at New York Anime Fest today at their panel at 2:45 PM, so everybody thought… Sailor Moon? No, not Sailor Moon. There is some good news on the manga front, Kodansha, announced today that the English version of Sailor Moon manga volume 1 will get a second print run after the first print run of 50,000 copies sold out in only four weeks! Other than that, If you check all the links I gave you in August you will see more new merchandise listed by the wholesale manufacturer Great Eastern and Hot Topic (A mens shirt coming soon) but no new players on the scene. As far as the anime goes, the only question is when. Funimation sponsored a Manga release party with Kodansha last month, to me that totally let the cat out of the bag. Still, if you ask the people at Fumi they will still say “we don’t have it yet”, followed by a lot talk about “unresolved issues”  (a new dub, or not),  Lots of debate about when, best guess now seems to indicate a spring of 2012 date.  :3

So, Moonies you have not. been careful what you wished for!  By October you will have news of new N. American Cards, Toys, Manga, Anime and more, just in time for Christmas.

NEW  at Hot Topic,  T- shirts available for purchase NOW in N. America!  LINK

New collectible merchandise available soon (September). promoted by a wholesale manufacturer.  LINK

A quote from a private discussion with an executive of… (a company we all know, who was at Acen). “As always it’s only about the money, It will happen by Christmas”.

Also foreign licensing sources are quoted as saying that Topps secured the rights for N. American cards.  LINK  Moon Chase

So as I have posted here and there, I am happy that a new generation will get to see, read, wear and love Sailor Moon and I can’t wait for the inevitable flood of newbie questions we’ll all be fielding soon. And then in the second wave, as we build into a new generation of fans, will come. The Drama. Oh the lols we will have. Be kind to your Kohai.

Oh BTW no “official” announcement at the  Otakon Fumi or Kodansha panels either, Kay guys, You open the panel with a phrase from Sailor Moon and then say nothing? really?

One last thing, an unsubstantiated rumor about a new live action series debuting this month in japan, not even gona link that one, no one believes it. I will keep my eye on it though, you know?   :3

The RAREST of all Sailor Moon cards! Amada Sailormoon 5th Anniversary 22 kt. GOLD Card. It comes with the complete set,  all the regs, prisms and inserts. Sailor Moon collectors know that recently prices on exclusive Sailormoon items has sky rocketed. Check the current price of a copy of The Infinity Collection, or the Pink Star Locket, neither of these items are serialized. This card is a limited edition item (#672 of 1,995 cards planed), it maybe more rare than either one of those. The 22kt Gold Card was only available to those who returned a winning insert card to Amada, and each card is individually serial numbered,  There are very few Naoko Takeuchi officially recognized serialized collectibles. This is a truly rare opportunity. In fact the Amada Sailormoon 5th Anniversary 22 kt. Gold Card is The most rare and valuable Sailor Moon Card of all, Video can be found on You Tube.

Also included in this update, Amada Sailor Moon “S” DVD Holographic Cards. These were only available as an Omake, one for each DVD in a special run of the “S” series, and not available anywhere else. They are true 3-D cards with a breath taking depth. This is not a simple 2-D double image like the Dart Flipz card set, you wont understand until you hold one in your hand. Video can be found on You Tube.

In addition, there are Seika, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Big Bromide Gum Cards. There are 25 cards in this set that you may have never seen before, they are that rare, very pretty cards. I also have some new VHTF “S-2” Banpresto Prism cards along with over 1,000 more Sailor Moon cards included in this lot! I know many of you are just looking for individual cards to fulfill your “want list”.  All the cards on the Extras list have been rotated, only the newest cards are highlighted in blue. I will continue to bring you cards that run the gamut from common to ultra rare.  Please check back often.

Hard to believe it’s three years now since her passing, it still saddens me. I selected This tribute video because the images are a bit different. Miyuki had a radiant smile, but in these images she is a bit more relaxed.

It’s now been three months since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, help is still needed.

I will be resuming sales here by the end of June with a truly epic new update, keep watching.

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Here are the brand new 2011 Sailor Moon Italian sticker cards. Last time I promised you the low down on the box make up, so here we go. First off there are 24 prisms and 216 regs. A total of 240 cards! All of them from the first season. Here’s how you want to open a full box of cards! Open the box and remove all stickers in the same order they were packed (50 packs), take 20 off the top, and 20 off the bottom, these 40 packs will contain the entire 240 card set. You now have the 10 unopened packs in the middle to sell, trade or open, if you choose (after you confirmed that no one shuffled your packs, LoL)

And now to the cards, they start on the first episode with cards #1-30, first, Usagi asleep in bed dreaming of her encounter with the spooky staring cat (not quite as spooky as the one staring at you right now), and focusing on that episode until card #30. The set then becomes largely character driven, the next group, #31-43 is devoted to Sailor Moon and her arsenal, 4 nice prisms here. Then #35-54 devoted to Tux. Mercury and her introduction are the next set from #55-90. Followed by #91-126 for Mars and #127- 160 for Jupiter. But then it seems they could not resist the temptation of episode #33 (The Last Sailor Soldier, Venus Comes), or as I like to call it “The Sailor Zoisite episode”, cards #161-174 touch on that before continuing with Venus #175-204. Tux and all the other Senshi get 3 prisms ea. devoted to Attacks and transformations. The rest of the cards deal with dramatic scenes from the latter episodes of season one, and singles of all the bad guys, nice prisms here too.

The last few cards do not depict specifically the final battle,  not really many show stoppers (spoilers). I guess we have to wait for season two? Lets see, 240 per season, could add up to 1,200. That would be the largest set of Sailor Moon cards ever produced, by far!

I usually start a post with “The new Sailor Moon cards are in” referring to my latest arrivals from Japan. But in this case I can say ” The new 2011 Italian Sailor Moon sticker cards are in”. I recently got one box from Italy and the good news is, one box gets you the whole set of 240 stickers. The bad news is it only left me with ten unopened packs (6 stickers ea). So I have a few if you want them. The real news here is the scans, This is just for your information, so you can look them over and decide if you want them. For the most part they are similar shape and design to the original Merlin Italian cards, though there are a lot of fresh images here.  You’ll find the scans   HERE.   You can also see them by clicking an image of the box and pack in my Gallery.  This will open a folder with 16 files, each file is 15 cards. The cards are in order, top to bottom, left to right.