Wow I was able to get a full box of Mugen Gakuen Sera Myu cards.  so now I have a full set of regs. as well as most of the single regs, holos and…. a box? as well as the case topper cards.

Anyway I also have one foot of snow in my front yard and cabin fever.  should be getting my “Japan box” soon I’ll be sure to post it.

Hi all just a quick post to let you know I’ve just added Carddass EX-4 full reg sets (2) as well as almost all the singles and four of the prisms to my “Extras” list. These just came out of the vending box so they’er Minty-mint.

Check out my extra cards for some new hard to find live action SeraMyu 2002 Mugen Gakuen cards. I have many of the regs and holos and one of the “not for sale” case topper cards.

I also have some regs. & specials from a very rare set of Idol style Miyuki Kanbe cards By Genica card magazine, sorry no scans yet, soon I hope.

I got them, the last five cards all on one weekend (if they don’t get lost in the mail)! So it’s complete, sets one through fifteen with the gold cards and the special prism set. I never thought it could really happen this many years later. I’m hyped!

It’s a very exciting time for me right now as I draw down on the last five cards I need to complete my Amada Pull Pack collection. I have secured three of them and will know if my bid is successful on the remaining two by Monday 11/16/09. It has been quite a struggle to obtain the last few cards. I hope I don’t jinx it but hey if I don’t get the last two, the struggle continues!

This will be the re-launch of my Sailor Moon cards and collectibles site. First conceived on May 24th 2008 and now over one year old. Here I will have the same features found at the old site, which still exists at…

I also will have more room for scans and a shop! so check back in September.

Wow!  got flamed for beating someone to the domain name. Sorry, not really. I wont post it (language) but she was pretty upset. I did want to answer her.  First,  not much here because I haven’t launched yet hence “future home of” (the name at the top of the page at that time), I’m still learning to use the utility. Second, I’m a guy (Shin) so that will have a baring on your more descriptive terms. And finally I hope that most of what you said was tongue in cheek because really, wishing I would repeatedly stub the same toe until it became inoperable is just… lol.

So, I bought….

And put up a redirect here (for now).


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