I usually start a post with “The new Sailor Moon cards are in” referring to my latest arrivals from Japan. But in this case I can say ” The new 2011 Italian Sailor Moon sticker cards are in”. I recently got one box from Italy and the good news is, one box gets you the whole set of 240 stickers. The bad news is it only left me with ten unopened packs (6 stickers ea). So I have a few if you want them. The real news here is the scans, This is just for your information, so you can look them over and decide if you want them. For the most part they are similar shape and design to the original Merlin Italian cards, though there are a lot of fresh images here.  You’ll find the scans   HERE.   You can also see them by clicking an image of the box and pack in my Gallery.  This will open a folder with 16 files, each file is 15 cards. The cards are in order, top to bottom, left to right.

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