It’s time for the first new Sailor Moon card post at Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon – Shine Like Justice – V3.0. This update contains 150 or so highly sought after cards from Marusho, Morinaga and other obscure sets.  You will find new  Morinaga “R”  & “S” Plastics, and Sailor Stars foils. You will also find new Marusho Super-Mini Pull Pack Sailor Stars cards and Sailormoon World Coaster Cards. There are also some very exciting adds from the more familiar sets, Hero 2, 4, 5 & 6 regs & prisms, as well as Banpresto SuperS Set 1, regs & prisms and a few Pull Pack, Grafitti & Carddass cards too. These have been added to the cards from the last update, I still have a good selection of Tanzaku Pose Seals and Movic Idol cards left. Theres more to come,  awaiting shipping in Japan so keep checking in.

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