Are you looking for North American Sailor Moon cards, or Japanese Sailor Moon cards? it’s been a few months since I have been able to put together a decent sized update but they are finally up. I have added new cards across the board to almost every set at my Extra Cards page. I have a few new sets as well, so have a look at my Extra Sets page too.

It’s getting harder to find new cards at the competitive prices you’ve all come to expect here. It seems that Sailor Moon cards are getting more popular/expensive in Japan as the Sailor Moon 20th anniversary gets closer. I have seen some large card lots selling for more than the $.50 ea. that I sell them to you.  If you couple that with the already high exchange rate, well it makes it a lot harder. The good news is that I have a large stockpile of cards and those prices are set. This update is due in a large part to some unexpected domestic sources, and contains both North American and Japanese Sailormoon cards, so happy hunting!

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